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American Life Insurance Company (MetLife)

Company Name: American life insurance company (MetLife)


  • Nationality: United states of America
  • Date & year of establishment in UAE: 1962
  • Capital in AED :Home office account as of 2016, AED744,586.00/-



  • Chairman: N/A - Branch
  • Vice Charmin: N/A
  • chief executive: N/A
  • General Manager: Theodor Petre Alexandrescu
  • Head Office in UAE: UBORA
  • Address: Business Bay.
  • P.O Box:371916
  • Telephone:+97144154444
  • Fax:+97144154491
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Name & Nos of company Branches: See below
  • Inside the county (Branches) see below
  • Inside the county (offices) 7 Offices.
  • Outside the country: N/A
  • Insurance Classes transacted: Accidents & liabilities, fire insurance, transport risk insurance, credit & saving insurance, other type of insurance.